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Guided City Tours

Our guided city tours allow for an exquisite discovery of the hidden treasures of the Moroccan cities.  With the view of a local, you will experience our cities in an unconventional way. You can either personalize your tour to suit your expectations from your visit of Morocco or you can choose from one of our offers. 

We invite you to explore the highlights of each city with some improvised delight actions from our expert guides. We highly focus on the daily life of Moroccans in order to render our tours as interactive as possible with the locals. Our packs range from a two hour visit to in-depth thematic tours that might last for 5 days or more. 

Samples of our tours: 

-       Food Tasting Tours  

-       Art and Crafts 

-       Biking Tours 

-       Gardens and Parks / Environmental tours/ Eco Tours

-       Kasbah, Medina and Ksours 

-       Village Life in Morocco 

-       Music 

-       Historical Tours 

-       Hop on hop off

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