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Culture at the Rhythm of the Waves

Ready to experience deep cultural immersion with the luxury of gorgeous landscapes! Casablanca calls, with its vibrant city life and its unique blend of modern architecture and traditional neighborhoods; it is an economic powerhouse that resides within modern Medinas. El-Jadida-Mazagan is ripe with architectural treasures. The blend of Moroccan and Portugese influences is embedded within the city itself along with lush forests, beaches, and luxury resorts. If you are looking for a more active environment, Essaouira-Mogador is famed for its surfing, windsurfing, kite-flying and African-rhythm music festivals of Gnaoua. If you are intrigued by the ethereal atmosphere, Tangier-Tetouan is the place for you. 


Tours samples: 

The grand tour of Morocco

Visit more than 10 cities in a 15 nights / 16 days circuit where you will have the possibility of discovering several cities like Rabat - Tanger – Tetouan – Chefchaouen -  Fès-  Volubulus– Erfoud -  Merzouga – Tinghir – Ouarzazate -  Marrakech - Casablanca

Among the program activities:

• Experience a touristic tour with an expert local guide

• Watch the sunset over the desert then enjoy traditional Moroccan music under the stars with the bonfire.

• Learn to cook like a chef while savoring the Moroccan culinary art.

• Discuss with professors the current situation of Morocco in relation to education, civil society and many other topics.


Women in Morocco 

Fes - Tangier - Rabat - Chefchaouen - Marrakech –and others

Travel designed specifically for women. Kulturen offers a learning experience about Moroccan women through a series of lectures, discussions and meetings to learn more about their roles in a North African and Muslim-country. Meet local women in rural and urban areas, families and artisans to get a closer look at daily life in Morocco.

With historians, professors, religious scholars and other local experts as guides, venture out for a period of (15 nights / 16 days) in the cities and villages of this country with important heritages and cultures.

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