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Cultural Immersion

Morocco compiles thousands of years of rich history and cultures. The imperial “Marrakesh, Meknes, Fez and Rabat” host centuries of typical urban medina lifestyle. These cities share and celebrate bright colors, street artists, Eastern-styled palaces, and gardens. Delight in music festivals and cultural highlights and taste world-renowned cuisine. Expand your mind with cities' open-air museums, archaeological sites. These medieval towns combine ancient and modern life aspects and infrastructures through both its environmentally sustainable spaces and modern luxuries. 


Itinerary samples: 


Authentic Morocco

No country evokes images of old medinas and bustling bazaars, evokes the smell of mint tea and spices, or touches the soul with the sound of the call to prayer of Muezzin like Morocco.

We offer you an 11 nights / 12 days circuit in which you will have the possibility to visit the most authentic cities of Morocco such as Rabat – Fes – Meknes – Marrakech.

Along the way, university professors, experienced guides and local experts will share with you the captivating history of Morocco, its spirituality and modern identities.

Among the program activities:

• Discover Islamic architecture at the heart of the oldest existing and continually operating university in the world; “Al Quaraouiyine”.

• Travel back in time, crossing old food markets in Fez to buy groceries with the chef for your Moroccan cooking session.

• Discover the Mederssas, palaces, gardens and markets of the legendary Marrakesh during excursions led by experts.

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