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Seaside Delights

If you are a fan of world-famous beaches, this is the tourist package for you. As you lounge on the golden sand beaches and swim in blue Mediterranean waters, Oujda-Saidia also offers cultural and historical immersion. 

Dakhla prides itself on its beautiful shores, perfect year-round weather, and enthusiastic surfer culture. 

El-Hoceima, a bustling city and port, beckons visitors to explore old guard towers and architecture, beautiful beaches, blue skies, and fishing villages. 

Agadir-Taghazout appeals most to the cultural metropolitan for travelers, demonstrating bazaars with over 6,000 stalls, a vibrant city and music festivals every summer. 

Each destination offers incredible sea-sights and serves the richest Mediterranean and Atlantic experiences. 



Tours samples: 

Desert Jewel
A trip of 3 days to Dakhla by plane, the city nicknamed  jewel of the desert is located in the south-west of Morocco, isolated far from classic touristic sites, it’s the best place for anyone looking to relax on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Its mild and temperate climate all year-round is ideal for anyone who loves water sports and diving with the waves while surfing or jet-skiing. During this trip, you will be able to see the white dune, the dragon island, the Porto Rico beach and many other fabulous places.
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